Helping out a customer at a 3D-shoot who has problems with his quiver. I do quite some repairs at these events!

Q. Wow, do you make these all yourself?

A. Yes, I’m kind of suprised how often I get this question… And a little bit insulted since they all take a lot of hard work to make, hahaha!

Q. How do you make such fine lines?

A. I work with a laser that burns away a small portion of the leather. My designs have to be altered to become digital vectors in order for this to work, and it is a very tedious process. I learned how to work with it over a long period of trial and error.

Q. This work is so finely made, how do I make sure I don’t damage it?

A. Hahaha, the armguard is SUPPOSED to catch all the hard blows, but I understand that many people are actually afraid of using it. The paintjob and many other parts of the armguard have been tested extensivly before I could decide how to make my armguards. The colored parts are water ressitant and can take a lot of damage before actually chipping away. In fact, some of my older armguards are still looking fresh and new, and I know their owners personally; they do not hold back when shooting.

Q. But I shoot with a traditional bow, my bowstring lashes out much more violently…

A. Even fierce bowstrings have been tested. In the end all leather is natural and can react differently, but I have yet to come across a piece of leather that doesn’t bend to my will.

The armguards stay in a curve!

Q. I have a special request, can you make it?

A. I love special requests! Sometimes people ask to add (or remove) something to an existing design, sometimes they have a drawing or tattoo that they love, and sometimes they just don’t know what they want but they have a style that they love. Ask me anything and I will try to come up with a sketch and a price that suits you. Just send me a message!

Q. I like leather, but I don’t like it when my arm looks like it’s a too tightly packed sausage.

A. Nobody does! That’s why my armguards are all made in a soft curve. They already have a curved shape when you tie them on, so they fit you more like a sleeve. This makes them very comfortable to wear during long shoots. One of my custom clients wore hers to the 3D World Championship; a three day shoot in the summer! And she had no complaints whatsoever!

Q. What’s that stuff on the inside on the armguards?

A. My armguards are standard lined with a naturally tanned leather. It’s very soft and can be worn all day long. I even have a chrome-free variety for archers with a chrome allergy. This is a little bit more expensive and will cost a little more.