Hati & Sköll armguard


“Hush now, for it was foretold by the Norsemen ages ago.
The wolves Hati and Skoll chase the sun and the moon across the heavens each day, but it shall not always be so. The time of the Ragnarok will come, the time of the Gotterdammerung, when the world shall be plunged into a winter as it has never known. This is the Fimbulvetr. There shall be three such endless winters, winters of unspeakable cold that will freeze the hearts of men and gods alike, for this is the beginning of the end. The wolf Skoll shall devour the sun and his brother Hati, the moon. The world will know no light. Yet, there is a wolf still more terrible, and he is called Fenrir.”

In the Norse mythology, the great wolf Fenrir had two sons. Hati chased the moon while Sköll chased the son, as depicted here on the armguard. Their names are inscribed next to them in runes.

All my sleeves are made to custom measurments ​​and get a naturally tanned leather lining that is very soft to wear all day long. Most suitable for a long game or a day out. And because each armguard is made ​​to order from scratch, you can have your own choice of leather, stitching, hooks and colors in the design. Adding initials or small extra personal touches are always possible!



Two wolves chasing the light

Hati & Sköll armguard


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