Shield and arrows armguard


In style with the traditional ways, ‘Shield and arrows’ hints to the celtic designs commonly found in leatherwork. The circle knot shields the three arrows, bundled together at the center. The creamy white leather makes for a fresh and stylish look. Perfect for any archer with a taste for more lighter tones! The engraving is a soft brown that does not contrast to much with the background.

All my sleeves are made to custom measurments ​​and get a naturally tanned leather lining that is very soft to wear all day long. Most suitable for a long game or a day out. And because each armguard is made ​​to order from scratch, you can also opt for a full sleeve (in the picture you can see a half sleeve), have your own choice of leather, stitching, hooks and colors in the design. Adding initials or small extra personal touches are always possible!



Stark white against soft brown

Shield and arrows armguard


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