Tree of life armguard (female)


The mythical Tree of life can be found in almost every religion, but the Celtic version is one of my favourites. This armguard shows the tree in one of its classic form, knotting and twisting, and has space to place a personal not such as initials or a symbol at the bottom between the roots. This ‘female’ version is a lot more refined and gracefull than its male counterpart.

All my armguards are made to custom measurments ​​and get a naturally tanned leather lining that is very soft to wear all day long. Most suitable for a long game or a day out. And because each armguard is made ​​to order from scratch, you can have your own choice of stitching, hooks and colors in the design.



The colored part has been tested extensively for scratches and lashes of the bowstring and painted by me with a special paint.

Tree of life armguard (female)

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 24 x 17 x 8 cm


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