Jinx from the video game League of Legends

Handmade, all new illustration on a white leather. I chose to colour only her hair, eyes, and tattoos. The background reads ‘AD CARRY’ in a spray paint-like design. I was especially happy with the double colored stitching!

Knife sheet with Native American inspired pattern

A soft brown suède leather engraved with a Native American inspired pattern, made to fit the huntingknife of an archer and to match his current quiver.

Mystic map armguard

Brown armguard with a map engraved (the customer sent me a photo from a book that had the map in the front), adding a compass and her initials in a bright, turqoise blue and matching stichtings.


Rabbit tattoo armguard

A cream white leather, engraved with the tattoo of the archer who requested it.

Assassin’s Creed with hidden blade design

A soft brown suède with a silver painted AC-emblem, with a small gem as an extra touch. The hidden blade is drawn on the inner arm, looking more like a page from the sketchbooks of Leonardo da Vinci.

White tree of Gondor back quiver

A brown, almost texture-less leather engraved with the map of Middle Earth. On the center the White Tree of Gondor has been painted on by hand, with white detailing all over the quiver.

Rebel logo from Star Wars

Completely scorched off the brown leather is the emblem used by the rebels in Star Wars, with a few stars surrounding it to tie the whole thing together.

Polynesian arrowheads

A simple and clean bracer with four Polynesian arrowheads on the top, pointing in just the right direction!

Wolverine team logo

The team’s brand new logo on a white leather, with the red ‘scratches’ cut out to make the leather seem torn. Underneath is a combination of red and brown paint, nice and bloody…

Steampunk compass

A double-layered design with many copper accents, and a intricate compass in the center.

Lacey quiver

A white leather quiver with an expansion on my ‘regular’ armguard design Lacey, made for the European Champion of 2013. The quote on the top was her personal request, and everything was made exactly to her wishes and meassurments. Unfortunately, I finished this piece the night before she needed it for a competition and I only got these two photo’s. With a bit of luck I’ll be able to see her soon and shoot some more/better ones. Still, I am very pleased with this one and hope to make it a regular in my shop soon!