Meet the maker!

Noor Beun leatherworks is a small, one-person company, founded and run by Noor van Houtum (named Beun before her marriage). Trained as an illustrator with 6 years of art academy to her name, Noor started training archery early 2014. As an artist, it was only a matter of time before she started tweaking with leather and reading up on stichting, leatherworking and materials. Making leather armguards for herself and her friends, she soon found out how much fun she had making brand new designs for every archer she met. And so the work grew.

By using light leather and bright colors, Noor creates fresh new designs that she hopes will uplift the mostly brown and dark collection of armguards and quivers that can be found online. And by making her armguards all to everyone’s size, in a gentle curve and lined with soft leather, they are extremely pleasant to wear. The moment an archer tries on his or her new armguard is one of the happiest moments to her.

Every few weeks Noor can be found on competitions to meet up with old and new clients and to promote her work. Working live is one of her favourite things to do, and with her pencils and paper close by you can always ask her for a personal design.